Gateway Energy Assessors

Frequently Asked Questions

Q) Does the Energy Performance Certificate need to be completed before a property is marketed?
A) As soon as you commission Gateway Energy Assessors you are then legally entitled to market your property for sale. Proof of commissioning is simply sending us an email whereby an appointment is agreed.

Q. How long will the survey take?
A. We will normally be on site for approximately one hour. The calculations are completed at our office and the Certificate will be produced within 24 hours.

Q. Will I need to be at home when the surveyor arrives?
A. Not essential but it would be preferable if you are at home if we need to ask a few simple questions. We will also need access to all areas of your home, including the main heating boiler and loft area (if practically possible).

Q. What is included in the Energy Performance Certificate?
A. The Certificate will look broadly similar to a certificate on a refrigerator. Its purpose is to record in a clear unambiguous format, how energy efficient the home is as a building. Using colour charts, the EPC records the current rating and compares this with potential rating at which the owner should aim.

Q ) Who can produce the Energy Certificate?.
A) The Energy Performance Certificate can only be completed by a qualified and licensed Domestic Energy Assessors.

Q) Who has access and permission to view the Energy Performance Certificate?
A)Permission to view the contents of an Energy Performance Certificate by estate agents or prospective buyers must be given by the owner of the certificate.